Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dynamo light woes

It's been a few days since I posted anything, I've been a bit bogged down.
LOVING the Amsterdam, what a perfect bike, I've read so many blogs lately and other opinions about the bike and I have to say I don't notice any of the "quality" issues I've seen some writers blog about.

I find the bike shifts very smoothly and my fenders do not rattle or seem flimsy.
The bike has enough weight behind it to roll nicely while not feeling tank like. ( I'm a bit fussy about heavy bikes, I must be a suck or a lightweight.. perhaps I just don't have a ton of stamina)

I find the position of the pedals to be a relief compared to other bikes I have recently been on, there is no pain in my back, my knees feel great and my legs don't get that strained feeling.
I do have one observation however.. I'm not certain about this being seated and able to touch the ground " flat footed" thing. If I had my seat adjusted like this my legs would be hurting and my knees would ache, it simply would not give me a proper leg extension.

As a result I have the seat on my Amsterdam higher than "recommended" I can touch the ground with the tips of my toes at a red light. The result is good leg extension and comfortable riding for me. I was even able to pull a bike trailer with 2 kids (likely about 80 pounds total) with this bike, oddly it seems easier than the 21 speed Vienna Hybrid.

Anyhow.. just thought I would mention that, my ONLY issue seems to be sacrificing my spiffy dynamo headlight for my even spiffier vintage basket. :-(
I have delegated the wonderful D to figure out how to configure this so that I can have both somehow. If anyone has done this please tell me how!

So in closing I have a gratuitous riding home from work on the bike path pic for you :-)

I don't think I'll be posting much this weekend, it seems I am escaping to Toronto for a "girls weekend"



  1. Hi,
    I used to have my dynamo light mounted beneath my basket just above the wheel. Then I changed bikes which has roller brakes and unfortunately no dynamo. I also have a deeper basket so now my light is mounted onto my fork, it's basically very similar in design to the one you seemed to have. Definitely don't give up on the dynamo, they're ace! Can you see if you can get a bike to shop to customise you a new mount?

  2. Do you have a bottle dynamo or a hub one? If it's in the hub the light can easily be mounted onto the fork, even easier if the fork has a bottle dynamo mounting (or whatever, I mean a provision to mount a bottle dynamo on the fork).