Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain is not my friend... but!

Hello Kitty is!

The rain ruined my planned ride to "Le Yeti" (which if your not aware has fabulous bikes! including Pashley!)

So no Brooks saddle for me today. However the Postman left me something special, the Hello Kitty bell by Nirve (which now appears sold out)

I ordered it last week from Amazon and I have to say it's much more adorable in person, and while Kitty might not be your thing.. she's totally mine. :-)

Bike parking only!
Grainy Blackberry shot of our parking set up, you cannot see it but my husband rides a Specialized Rockhopper (not my cup of tea) I keep trying to sell him on a Biomega or Pashley so far he's not biting. Considering he rode a 90's Raleigh for the past 17 years.. it's safe to say he gets attached to what he has, I could have a bike to match every bag or shoe.. seriously! I don't think he can even relate.

Love you anyhow D xoxo

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