Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to reality

Wow I have not posted in over a week, I did make it to Toronto, despite the all out Via strike and I dare not mention how horrendous my journey was, riding the "megabus"
I was stuck on a giant double decker bus that was running two hours behind schedule!
Coach Canada in my estimation was not at all capable of handling the influx of ridership due to the Via Rail strike.

Anyhow enough about that that! my short stay was awesome, I got to spend time with a dear friend who I had not seen in quite some time. Shortly after I arrived we dished about life and then set out through China town on bike to the LCBO to pick up some "adult beverages" LOL below is said friend :-) she rides a very nice Schwinn Hybrid normally however I was on her bike behind her taking the pic.

Finding a place to lock up the bikes was a bit of a chore since in this district of Toronto it's bike madness.. however I have to say some of the bikes chained up barely looked rideable upon close inspection!

It was lovely.. and over all too soon.

Work has had me busy and so has life! I have been riding the Amsterdam daily to and from work this past week and loving it more by the day, it's such a great bike.

Dresses and skirts on this bike are not a problem! I snapped a pic of my footwear yesterday at the office before I headed home. Would have been nice to have a pic of me ON the bike, but I digress.. its a bit difficult to snap oneself whilst riding. While you cannot see it the dress is a fabulous retro styled magenta pink a line button front dress from the Alfred Sung Pure line. ( Fabulously decent clothes if you dare) but I'm also a big fan of Joseph Mimran, right back to Club Monaco days.

In keeping with my hectic action packed week I retired my trusty old G4 Powerbook this week as well and I am currently posting this on a new gadget, the Toshiba NB200 so far I really like it and I am not a PC person at all. There is however a way to make it a "Hackintosh" which is my next project. Hopefully this little computer will be running Tiger soon. It has an impressive 9 hours of battery life! perfect for internet addicts like me :-)

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