Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty in blue!

So I'll preface by saying yesterday was a great day! lots and lots of sunshine which we have been sorely lacking in Montreal, I took full advantage of this and sat by the pool for 4 hours and ended up with quite the crisp exterior.. my poor skin must loathe me I look like a lobster.

I've been up to something, a few days ago I noticed a local ad for a bike I had been sleuthing out, at a very reasonable resale price, I went to see it today and low and behold she's mine now. I pick her up Saturday morning! I'm pretty excited because since the Giant Simple sold.. I have been through a few bikes none of which really made my heart sing, and if you ride something almost daily you should love it right? I'm keeping my Vienna Globe because it's a great bike! strong, light and has several gears for pulling a bike trailer, and it remains more classic looking than other bikes deemed "hybrid" My Vienna has pretty Basil Blossom panniers, full fenders & I upgraded her tires to Continental city tires and of course a vintage wicker basket and last but not least the Hello Kitty bell!

Anyhow onto my new bike it's an Electra Amsterdam with 3 speeds in robins egg blue! deceptively light bike, I expected it to be much heaver, and it has such a comfortable riding position. This bike is going to be my around town transportation and she's heel and skirt friendly! (More so than Vienna I find) Vienna is a *bit* sportier but I still ride her to work in full office accoutrement.

Anyhow I am excited and cannot wait to start riding the Amsterdam!

Pashley Princess was a very close contender, but I'm still adapting to riding distances and a bike each day, and her weight seems intimidating, I have read Sarah's Pashley 101 but I still wonder.. if anyone even reads this blog and you have experience with both or either bike can you leave some feedback for me?


  1. Hey! Congrats on your Amsterdam purchase:) I too have an Amsterdam 3-speed sport (I'm not sure they make these exact ones anymore) in buttercream. It was my first cruiser and I still like it... but it was the cheap attachments (rattling fenders, etc) that sent me searching for a super solid bike like the Pashley. I have since then learnt how to fix the annoying things about the Amsterdam and still like it enough to not sell it. The posture is more reclined than riding the Pashley, and I love how the coaster breaks mean I'm hands free (much more convenient for biking while sipping a hot coffee). Amsterdams are a great compromise for getting an upright, slightly European looking bike without the weight. I think you'll like it a lot!

    I have a garage here in Edmonton, so storing up bikes isn't a problem for me:) Will do an Amsterdam 101 soon! Enjoy your bike, it's a beauty!

  2. Hi there! So lovely to find your blog :) I have a Pashley Princess, which I love :) coincidentally reading Sarah's blog inspired me to go for the Pashley, and I am really glad I did. As I live in England, I enjoy knowing I am riding something all hand built only 100 miles from me! I have not done a full review yet, I have only had her for a month and a half... but I have written few bits and bobs on my blog...

    ... have you got a name for her yet? I love the blue!

    Happy cycling!

    L xxx

  3. Hello,
    I don't ride a Pashley; I have a Batavus, a similar bike. I needed an more upright bike, and while I tried and enjoyed the Pashley, the Batavus fit me better.
    The weight is not an issue-you don't even notice it when you are riding. It actually gets 'lighter' the longer you have had it. A couple of months after I bought it I took it back to the basement shop where she came from for a tune up and had no trouble taking her up and down the stairs. During the time she was in the hospital, I rode my mountain bike and it felt terribly light and flimsy.
    I'm not sure if you have test ridden one yet (I've only just found your blog) but if not, you should give it a try. Enjoy!